Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something wicked this way hop

Witchy toes
 When Soma announced that she was looking for designers to submit blocks for a Halloween-themed paper-pieced blog hop, I was all over it. I love Halloween, it's probably my favorite holiday. All those costumes, decorations, pumpkins and creepy ghoulishness appeals to my quirky sense of humor. Love-it!

Trying to narrow down an idea for my block for the blog hop was considerably tougher. I finally settled on these witchy feet.

So here is the Day 4 design for the Halloween paper pieced blog hop.

The block is 10.5 x10.5" (a 10" square block when finished).

Pattern pieces for this block can be downloaded here.

Piecing instructions can be found here.
ETD: NOTE  Piece Q1 runs off the page and the last section of it is on page 5.  You have to tape/glue them together before you can sew.
NOTE2 - in the piecing guide the pieces A2 and A3 are mislabelled.  A2 should be labelled A3 and vice versa.


I hope you like the block. This is my first time participating in a blog hop and so far I'm having a blast with all the creativity flowing around.

Stayed tuned to Soma's blog as there will be a new Halloween-themed block every day this month!
That's a lot of ghoulish goodness!


Happy Halloween and Happy Sewing!

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