Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ~ fibre fun in review

There was a little quilting, Quilts of 2012

a little knitting...
 A little knitting ca. 2012

a lot of swapping
 2012 ~ A lot of swapping

and just plain fun stuff.
 2012 ~ just plain fun stuff

2012 was above all,  the year of foundation piecing for me 2012 ~ the year of paper piecing

 and it was a year of firsts! My first patterns for sale. Trillium Cell Phone Wristlet Pattern Giveaway!

Here's to 2012! and to the road ahead.
Happy New Years and as always, Happy Sewing!!


jacob said...

I LOVE your wristlet pattern! I am new to making projects outside of quilting, but after I make a few free things to see if I can do it, I'll be back to buy your pattern. It is perfect! I found your blog this morning and have been pilfering thru it all day! Your blog voice is great and I enjoyed reading all of it with my morning coffee. Thanks for entertaining me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great year! I *love* your quilting projects, of course, especially the sewing blocks. Beautiful!