Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas cheer

Xmassy binding
Does everyone sew like a mad-woman at the holidays? I tell you, my machine should be smokin' from the amount of use it's been getting lately.

Here is the last of my holiday sewing - I decided we needed some Cheery Festive Napkins.  I started the first set back in August - you know - back when I thought that would be plenty of time to get them all done! ha ha ha Not!

Here we are a week before xmas and I'm madly sewing them together.

Well, all's well that ends well as they say.
Christmas cheer napkins

They are done and in plenty of time for the Christmas feast.

And assortment of my favorite Christmas fabrics.

A little Brrr!

A little Winterkist.

And along with that a spiffy new tablecloth.

New dinner duds!
In case you're wondering how I made these, you can follow my tute for Kitchen towels on the side bar but cut them at 15" square instead - or whatever size you want them to be.  (Put an 'X' of stitching from corner to corner to secure them before you sew on the binding).

Now that's more festive! Maybe I can convince my daughter to add in something shiny and sparkly as a centerpiece.

Happy Sewing and Happy Holidays! May they be merry and bright

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