Tuesday, April 30, 2013

...from zero to fifty in 30 seconds...

Baby books quilt from Patchwork please
This may have been the fastest quilt I have ever made. Ok maybe it wasn't done in 30 seconds but it was done in a matter of weeks.

On a whim I decided to start on this baby books quilt designed by Ayumi Takahashi author of Patchwork Please. The book was just so inspiring and I was looking for an excuse to make something out of it. Enter baby boy of family members that live in Washington state. They are not due until later in the summer so I have plenty of time right? Famous last words. Anyway, I had some time so I whipped up a few blocks, then a few more and before you knew it the quilt top was done. I managed to sandwich it pretty recently when we had a bout of nice weather.

Then whoa (inert a screeching stop sound effect)! We get a phone call, they are coming down in a week! WHaaat? Uh oh. So I had to quilt this up super quick. It’s a pretty modern design so I needed something a bit more different than just plain Free-motion stippling. I wanted some curves, and then I spied my quick-curves ruler (so far unused despite the best plans) hanging on my wall. Lightbulb!

 So I decided to draw on a set of lines using that ruler and then I just used my walking foot to do the rest. I offset the curves here and there and decided to fill in the gaps with some pebbles.
Baby books quilt from Patchwork please
Voila! I marathon-ed the quilting job to get it completed a mere 24 hours prior to their arrival. Whew! That was a whirlwind.

But now it’s done and I can move onto baby quilt #2 which I need in a few weeks if not sooner. Happy Sewing!
 Baby books quilt from Patchwork please
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