Saturday, April 20, 2013

Is there a Doctor in the house?

ETD:  Master list of QAL Blocks
Doctor.Who.Along Block list:
Block 1 Tardis
Block 2 Time lord
Block 3 K9 
Block 4 SS Madame de Pompadour
Block 5 Badwolf 
Block 6 Werewolf
Block 7 Sonic Screwdriver
Block 8 Weeping Angel 
Block 9 Cyberman
Block 10 Dalek
Block 11 Striped Scarf
Block 12 Gallifrey
Block 13 the Ood
Block 14 Hello Sweetie
Block 15 River Song's Diary
Block 16 Vashta Nerada
Block 17 Crack in time
Block 18 Chamelon Arch
Block 19 Power of three
Block 20 Tardis in flight

Do you Who?  Then this just might be the quilt-along for you.

Announcing the

A Whovian-inspired Quilt-Along

brought to you by myself (Caroline) and Soma (Whims and Fancies) and the Doctor.  Doctor Who?

Starting in May of 2013 (in the current dimension)

We will be bringing you a new Doctor Who inspired paper-pieced block every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Plenty of time for you to sew along.  There will be a total of 20 blocks ~ enough to make a large-sized quilt if you are so inclined and certainly enough for you to pick and choose your favorites.

Won't you join us?  You can follow along here or here or on Flickr.

Join the Doctor.Who.Along Flickr group for helpful discussion, patterns and chatter.

Don't Blink!!  You have until May 7th to gather your supplies before the T.A.R.D.I.S materializes.

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