Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some exciting news to share

So, this little book will be debuting at quilt market in Houston this week

I'm so thrilled to share this news finally.   Playful little paper pieced projects
from  C&T Publishing.

It was compiled by the lovely Tacha Brucher and I'm excited to announce that I have a project in that book. This is pretty big news for me.  I haven't done a book project before, so it was pretty exciting stuff.

If you peek inside amazon's page you'll see my sewing machine cover on the table of contents page.  

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will hit the shelves in bookstores in January.  I'll post more when it's closer to release date including some pics of my project and some exciting giveaways.

Stay tuned.  Happy Sewing!


margaret said...

well done to get a project in this book, now it is time to plan a whole book of your projects. If you are going to Houston have a wonderful time, UK`s treasure Jennie Rayment is going to be there, a great quilting lady

Jessica B. said...

How unbelievably exciting! I can't even imagine how proud you must feel! Looks like a book I would have picked up for my stash anyway, so I will definitely keep my eye on this and get myself a copy. :)

Maggie Christie said...

How exciting! I had to check immediately if I can get it in the UK and I can. Yippee! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Caroline! That is so exciting! I'll buy one for my mom!

Soma Acharya said...

That's wonderful!! Congratulations!!