Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Doctor Who Along block 11 Striped Scarf

In this weeks installment of the Doctor Who Along, we have "4th Doctor" Tom Baker's striped scarf. Remember that scarf? To say it was long would be an understatement. It always seemed to come to the rescue when needed and somehow magically never managed to get caught on anything - or did it? It's been awhile. Tom Baker was the Doctor that started me on the series in the beginning. I was still a kid back then - hard to believe I know. The special effects in those days were laughable at best, but somehow the show had a charm that made you look beyond all the cheese.

So I present to you, the 11th foundation block for the Doctor.Who.Along - the striped scarf. Make it in whatever colors you choose. I chose to stick close to the original colors. Another Constellations fabric print for the background. Perfect I tell you! Thank-you Miss Lizzie House!

Link to Pattern and Instructions here and on Craftsy.

I hope you enjoy sewing it, it's one of the easier blocks in the QAL. The 11th block means we are more than halfway through this QAL!

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