Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Doctor Who Along Block 17 A crack in time

Ah the space-time continuum.  Always something interesting going on there.  Where would we be without it? I'll leave this question to you to ponder.

While you are pondering, you can sew up the 17th block of the Doctor Who Along ~ A crack in time.
Download the pattern instructions here.

One note: There are a couple of errors on the numbering scheme in the pattern pieces. I'll get this fixed in a few days, but for now, follow the numbering on the piecing guide and you won't go astray.
Crack in the wall

Careful you don't get sucked in and end up in another dimension!

One note, you might actually need a bit more than a fat quarter of background fabric for this block.  Just a head's up so you don't run out.

Happy Sewing!


Lee Ann L. said...

I was wondering if it'd be okay to enlarge this block? I'd love to make a wall hanging but 12" is too small.

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

You should be able to enlarge all the pattern pieces on a copier. Just use the inner line for each piece and then add 1/4 " of seam allowance on each side yourself. Otherwise the seam allowances will be off from the copier enlargement. It 'should' work but i haven't actually tried this.

Muttmomkay said...

Hi Caroline: I was wondering if you were going to make the crack in the wall... it is such an important icon. Thanks for all you do for us Dr. Who fans...

Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

Hello! I have all the rest of these blocks stored in my Craftsy account, but this one has not been uploaded, yet. Do you plan to do that, or should I download the pattern as it is from your website, instead?