Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Henrika

Thanksgiving is almost here - are you ready? I'm not but this year at least it's low key, just family and I won't have alot of crazed prep to do. Yay for that! This year, I'm going to attempt crock pot stuffing as inspired by A year of crockpotting. I'm going to use my own stuffing recipe and just adapt it for the crockpot and halve or possibly even quarter it because my recipe can feed a small army and we don't need that much. Aside from that I might try Sarah's pie recipe for dessert - the rest will be easy peasy. Who knows what else we'll do.

If Thanksgiving is here that must mean that Christmas is right around the corner - eek!! I'm never prepared for this, and it's no different this year. We'll see how it goes. In the spirit of the season, I whipped up - yes whipped 'cause this dress takes no time to make - a little christmassy cheer ~ Henrika dress. Who knows if i'll get another year where my daughter will consent to holiday themed clothing. As always I have to tone things down for her a bit, but this was easy to do and the slightly christmas themed fabric will be easy to wear to school without the horror of over-the-top embarrassing overtly holiday-ness, err something like that.... Hey the fabric has skis on it - I am powerless to resist anything with skis on it! But I like the results. Jury's still out - well actually she is sleeping now. Let's hope she likes it.

And now I really should start working on the handmade holiday gifts...
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