Sunday, November 30, 2008

Four Betty's

Christmas gift making continues at my house ~ have I mentioned that I have 6 nieces? The youngest 2 are the recipients of the Feliz dresses I made last week. The older four are getting Betty's for Christmas. Luckily there is plenty of spare fabric in the stash because the Betty's always take up alot of fabric. So here they are, all four. Hubby even helped with ironing and riveting ~ yay.

I'm not actively participating in any kind of handmade holidays challenge, but I usually do make the gifts for my nieces ~ not sure why, it just works out that way - maybe because there are so many of them.
As you might figure from the pictures, they are avid soccer players - so I figure these will get used either to/from soccer practice or swim team. Either way, who can't use a nice tote bag?
I added the outside pocket with their names~ That's not part of the original pattern, but it isn't hard to add on.

I hope they like them. I think that brings my total Betty count to 10 ~ not bad use for one pattern. Off to work on the next gift...
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