Monday, November 10, 2008

One, Two, Three

Gumdrop Pillows - one, two and three of them. I had made up this Amy Butler pattern a few months ago and my kids loved the end product. So much so that they pretty much claimed the one I had made for the living room. The first one was used for a few months and is definately showing what happens when you bounce on it - ALOT! It became pretty clear that they each wanted one of their own for their rooms. So after I sourced out some fun home decor weight canvas, I finally got some spare time to sew these up. The pattern is really quick and easy to do. My son loves flag related things, so he got this american themed pillow. My daughter got the fun polka dots. They are both thrilled. The only downfall to this pattern is that it takes a small truckload of fiber fill. I used 10 lbs of fiberfill per pillow. But once you buy out your local store a few times, you'll probably have enough to fill these pillows.

I made the 24" version which is the perfect ottoman-esque size. It's a great place to throw up your tired toes at the end of the day, or bounce around on if you are seven, or even if you are not.

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