Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Wrap-up

Some fun new arrivals at my house this week. It was an exciting mail day.


First off my hexies arrived from the {Handsome} Hexies Swap round 2. They were made for me by the Northwest's own, Jill of Madeonmainstreet. She not only sent hexies, but a pouch made with Laurie Wisbrun's Tufted Tweets line which is one of my faves! She also included these nifty hexie templates which she sells in her etsy store. You can bet I'll be using these to make my next batch of hexies! A very rockin' swap partner she is!! Thank-you Jill. I do hope to make it up to PMQG one day.

Next up are these darling leaf pins, from Lupin on etsy.
New pins
I love these pins ~ ok I know they are just pins, but when you stare at pins all week, you start to appreciate the pretty ones a lot more than the plain jane stick pins. These are lovely and nicely made. I need to make up a new pincushion to put these beauties in.

And soon to leave my house are these hexies, for my swap partner.
Hexie Swap stack
They aren't flying anywhere just yet though, they still need a pouch for this round and I'm running a little behind.

Finishes this week include 3 quilt tops/backs, which are now sandwiched and awaiting some quality time on the machine. That'll have to wait for next week though. My youngest leaves for camp early Sunday morning and we still have to pack up her gear and drive to Portland.

That's it for today

Happy Sewing!


Sarah @ ColorKitten said...

Have you used those pins yet? Because...we had real problems with the ones I got (same seller, same brand, 3 sets). I reviewed them on PR I thought they were so bad. Very coarse, left holes in fabric, and the points are pretty dull. I saved some for decorating and that's it. Maybe yours will work better though! just be careful.

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

Good to know Sarah - i will keep that in mind. Thanks!

Rebecca Johnson said...

Those bright hexies looks divine!! what will they become?? xx

wishes, true and kind said...

Very pretty post! So colorful and great fabric choices for your hexies!

Terri said...

I have a goof home for them, they cam come live with me :)