Monday, July 5, 2010


Peace Love Multitasker

Remember the 70s? Peace, Love and all that other groovy stuff. As a kid growing up in the 70s, I detested those jeans with the giant white daisies on them. I was pretty glad to give up my bell-bottoms for the much cooler and narrower skinny jeans that were popular in the 80s. Wait wait, what's that you say? Skinny jeans? Sound familiar? Yes, all that's old is new again. The 70s, 80s and probably even the 90s are back again although this time all these decades have been melded into one. And back are peace signs, giant daisies, skinny jeans and even those neon paint splashes on clothes - that was definitely a place I didn't need to revisit. But it's back and it's everything a girl could want - well if you are 8 anyway. So now the next generation gets to 'enjoy' these things again. My daughter is "all over it" as she would say. If she had her way, there would be peace signs on everything.

So here is a little summer tote bag just for her, in her favorite colors and embellished with so many of her favorite things. Yes I live in Oregon. NO, I don't drive a VW Van, nor do I want to - this is as close as she's ever going to get with us. That's Oregonian and you kind of have to live here to appreciate just how hippy this place is.
Peace Love Multitasker

The bag is a basic Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote - proving just how multi-tasking this tote can be. Really works perfect as a pool/beach tote which is where you'll find my kids most days this summer.

Peace Love Multitasker
I have made quite a few versions of this tote and it's still a proven winner. This one is embellished with lots of embroidery designs from all over really.
Peace Love MultitaskerAll made by me and patched or directly embroidered onto the bag prior to assembly. I did shorten the straps on her version, since she isn't quite adult size just yet.

A little farbenmix and assorted ribbons for fun and added to the embroidery is some much needed bling - a girl's gotta have her bling, right?
Peace Love Multitasker

Check out the lining fabric from Michael Miller - how perfect is that? Groovy man!

Peace Love Multitasker inside

Embroidery designs include Love/Peace, Mirror Forest, and London Calling from Nic Hildebrandt (Luzia Pimpenella I really love everything she does) and Panda from Mymaki .
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