Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stick sleeve

All rolled up:  Stick sleeve
I have been doing a little holiday weekend sewing. I'm working on my super secret Urban Home goods swap stuff for my secret partner. That's still hush hush for the moment.

Stick sleeve

While I was doing that I decided to make up a knitting needle case for myself. I used the tute over at multicrafty.

Stick sleeve inside
I have been meaning to make one of these for years. My current needle case has long since been outstripped by my needles. So now I have one that fits all the straight needles. I used fabrics from Kelly at Banana Showcase and the Stitch n Lounge. I love these fabrics and was so happy to see how well they matched when they arrived. I used some Meadowsweet II from Sandi Henderson and paired it with Farmdale from Alexander Henry.

I even made a little pouch to put in all those little knitting supplies that usually troll around in the bottom of my knitting bag.

Hexie pouch
Speaking of knitting bags, that one's next on my list. I really need to replace the ancient gardening bag I have been using as a knitting bag for the last decade.

Happy Sewing!
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