Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Visit to the Royal Ontario Museum

A few weeks ago, I took the kids on a trip to visit my hometown of Toronto. My parents still live there, so it was a fun trip filled with family, old friends and a little sightseeing. We spent one day at the Royal Ontario Museum in downtown Toronto, locally known as the ROM. The Chinese Clay Warriors were on display there but the kids were more impressed by the many giant dinosaur skeletons and natural history displays.

Us 3 girls, my mom, my daughter and I, managed to sneak away for a bit to visit the textile display up on the top floor. There were many wonderful handmade items. Some, like the clothes, were quite old.

Full of incredible detailing...
I am so glad I never had to dress like this. And an obligatory shoe pic, just because, well, it's shoes! Need I say more?

The quilts were pretty impressive especially when you consider that these were made prior to the days of sewing machines - I shudder to think about the hours involved in all that hand sewing.

There were plenty of modern textile examples as well....

Ah yes, Marimekko! Love it! A fun trip into textile history.

Happy Sewing!

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