Monday, September 13, 2010

Urban Home Goods Swap goodies

As you may know, I have been stuck on participating in Flickr based Swaps for the last few months. It has been a blast and I have met many wonderful sewists and crafters. This latest completion is for the Urban Home Goods Swap, round 2. As the name suggests, the range of items to make is pretty wide open. My partner gavemany specific suggestions, but still left the range pretty wide. So after stalking her a bit, I decided on this little set of goodies.My partner knits, and had suggested a knitting needle case among other things, so I decided a knitting set would be in order.

I designed this bag specifically with the knitter in mind.

It's large enough for a single project to take on the go. Long enough so that straight needles will fit in the bottom plus there is some extra room for the pouch.
My knitting bag always has lots of little things like darning needles, rulers and snips floating around in the bottom. So I thought a little pouch to contain all those things might be useful.

To be honest, I could really use a new knitting bag myself - my current bag is about 15 years old and is really a gardening bag that I re-purposed. So it's with some reluctance that I am sending this one off to my partner.

I used colors that my partner likes and paired that with some linen for a modern feel. Fabrics include Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom, Sis boom basics, Amy Butler prints, Joel Dewberry, Anna Maria Horner and Michael Miller's antiquities, all paired with natural linen. I added a little quilting on the linen to tie things together.

I really love the bag, I'm going to make myself one, one of these days. The flower on the front adds the finishing touch and I used this tutorial from sewritsytitsy . Love this flower - I'm going to have to find an excuse to make myself a few more...

The knitting needle case was made following the same directions as the case in the last post. I think it all comes together for a fun set.

I hope you like it partner, because it should be in your neck of the woods any moment now!

Happy Sewing!

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