Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back in Business

Well after much worrying and wondering just how much my sewing machine repair was going to cost me, hubby managed to fix it when he got back into town! Yeehaaaw!! I'm so thrilled that my baby is back and it didn't cost me a thing to fix. So, with my machine working again I was able to finish up another project in the dedicated to decorating series.

We redid the kids playroom recently and turned it into more of a den/hangout for the kids. When we did that, we moved the game system in there and it's been in a bit of a disarray ever since. I'm not sure if this is because it's mostly a kids room or just because we don't have the right furniture in there yet but it needed some help. Here is the before shot:

Yeah, kind of a hot mess. So I made another storage box for that area. This one is 12x12x8". That size fits perfectly under that tiny table holding the components. Now all the games and controllers are all neatly organized in the box instead of sprawling themselves all over the place. Much better!

I had a lot of questions on the last post with the scrap boxes about just how I made these boxes. So I'm planning a quick tutorial in the next post along with an upcoming blog-i-versary celebration. So stay tuned.

Happy Sewing!

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