Sunday, January 30, 2011


At long last my Pickledish quilt top is complete! I participated in Aneela's (Comfortstitching's) Pickledish Quilt-along and started this back in ??? well it was many months ago. It's been bugging me lately, 'cause I don't like to have unfinished business to attend to - so I spent this lovely warm sunny weekend inside. Yeah I know, I was kind of lamenting that myself, especially in Oregon, but I was in a mega work-mode, so I kicked the kidlets out into the sunshine and I just rolled with it.

Pickledish quilt top done!

I'm so glad the top is done. I'm piecing the back at the moment. Hopefully it will be done soon, but I'll need another sunny winter day in Oregon to sandwich it - a ha ha ha ha ha ha ~ sooo yeah it should be awhile.

I should've gotten my hubby to hold this one up - it's BIG!!! 80"x60" which is possibly the largest one I've ever made. This one is going to be the new picnic quilt - planning ahead! Yes, I know we are going to set it on the ground and sit on it - but, hey why not picnic in style?!!

Happy Sewing!
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