Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Quiltmarket - the wrap up

On a whim, I decided to go Spring Quiltmarket.

Spring 2013 Quilt Market in Portland

Met lots of bloggy friends, none of which I apparently took any pictures of.  Ummm???  I must've been in a daze at this point.

The whole experience was overwhelming.  The phrase "sensory overload" totally comes to mind. 

I went there with clear expectations and an agenda.  This is where you should commence your hysterical laughter. That pretty much went out the door the second I entered. Umm yeah. That place is overwhelming, an assault of the senses? Not in a bad way, but you have to rest your eyes every now and then - take a break from the constant onslaught of color and texture and all things sewing-related. So i'll just let the pictures do the talking shall I?
Spring Quiltmarket 2013
Melody Millers fabrics - huge fan of her stuff.
 New Echino offerings Echino Spring Quiltmarket 2013

Heather Bailey's amazing booth complete with larger than life embroidery wall Heather Bailey's booth Spring Quiltmarket 2013
The first day I walked into the Free Spirit section, I saw Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Valori Wells, Tula Pink and Erin McMorris all in the Free Spirit section all at the same time. Whoa. Talk about design stars!

Of all that was Free Spirit, Erin McMorris' new line Astrid stole my heart. I love this fabric and can't wait to sew with it.
 Astrid by Erin McMorris

The always amazing Tula Pink's Booth Always incredible Tula Pink Spring Quiltmarket 2013 Acacia

 Did I mention that Belle is making a comeback? Belle is back! Happy Coriander Lovers unite! Amy Butler Spring Quiltmarket 2013

New Denyse Schmidt
 Denyse Schmidt Spring Quiltmarket 2013

More Beautiful booths over by Michael Miller including the lovely Mo Bedell - she was such a sweetie!
 Mo Bedell's booth Spring Quiltmarket 2013

And another Pacific Northwest gal, Violet Craft, who I didn't meet sadly, but her new fabric line Waterfront Park is one to watch out for! So gorgeous. Her booth was fab as well but I stupidly didn't take a picture of it.
 Violet Craft Waterfront Park Spring Quiltmarket 2013

And a new fabric to watch out for, Cocca by Kokka. Cocca line by Kokka Spring Quiltmarket 2013 

Some Riley Blake offerings,
Josephine Kimberling Spring Quiltmarket 2013
Josephine Kimberling - I have a fondness for Xmassy fabrics, and this one struck my fancy.

Doohikey Designs - Spring Quiltmarket 2013
Doohickey Designs cuteness. Check out those phones? And that large graphic medallion print will be fab as well.

Kona solids at Kaufman Spring Quiltmarket 2013
Graphic Kona Booth from Robert Kaufman fabrics.

And while that is by no means all of it, I think I'll end there for today. There are more market photos on my flickr feed if you just can't get enough.

Happy Sewing!
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