Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tween room makeover

Many months ago my daughter requested a room re-do.  It was time to let go of her babyish room and bring it more in line with her tastes.

So she designed this room all by herself.  Her Dad and I just did all the manual labor, although she helped there as well.  Might as well learn young right?

There was a new floor install (which she picked out and helped install)

New paint

and some stenciling

New furniture that her Dad built (yup, he's handy that way) and new custom mattress courtesy of her uncle (that was fortunate).

New curtains that I sewed and some sparkly pillows made (Yes that was xmas time).
Curtains done - check!

Repurpose an old chair, repaint an old mirror, add a shag rug and you have a reading nook (aka home for the stuffies).

New headboard (made by her Dad) and upholstered (me)

and finally some wall art that she wanted, total PBteen hack job.  This sign doesn't come in black in that size - no problem... DIY to the rescue.
Sequin pillows for tween room makeover

Then finally it was all complete! (A mere 6 months later)

She is in heaven and I'm pretty happy with the whole thing myself!

Sometimes that whole DIY and sewing thing really pays off.

Happy Sewing!

ETD a word about sources:
Ribbon Damask Stencil from Royal Design Studio
DIY upholstered headboard tutes at Involving the senses  except we used a plywood board and wood frame. I also used a foam alternative called NuFoam which didn't require predrilling holes in the foam because it's more like heavyweight batting and the needle slid right through it.
Chenille Headboard Fabric and Sequin pillow fabrics from Mood. Linens and shag rug from PBTeen.  Damask Fabric for Curtains from Michael Miller.
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