Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween sewing!

Yes it's that time of year again, annual trips to the pumpkin patch, costume planning/sewing and lots and lots (too much really) of tempting little chocolate bars all over the place.

So in the spirit of the season, I crafted up a couple of Halloween shirts for the kids. These are both from Farbenmix. My daughter very much loves this style called Drunter and Druber from Traumschnitt which is german for under and over. Hers is the 'over' version done up in Pumpkin knit print and coordinating solid orange rib knit. She picked out the embroidery for this one (cat embroidery from Bunnycup embroidery)

The shirt in action!

Then the KleinFohr pattern for my son. He's 10 so this one is a little darker

Here there be monsters embroidery from Urban Threads.

And now we move onto the costumes. I have to come up with a brown cloak for the headless horseman? and a jumper for Pippi ~ Stay tuned!

Happy sewing!
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