Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick little revamp: Fall style


Ok you all saw my patio redo for the summer. Sadly the summer is gone and I thought I needed to make the patio look a little more autumnal. Gone are the comfy pillows ~ but lets face it, no one sits out there when it's 35F and raining. So I added the Fall cheer which doubles as Halloween cheer and just a couple of toss pillows on the swing - those are really more for color than anything else. Et Voila!


My daughter got in on the act and crafted up her own ghoulish decorations. IMG_9524

~Can't imagine where she got that crafty streak from?~

Yes that is a tennis ball and let me tell you the dog knows it too - it's all I can do to keep her from absconding with the spider/tennis ball creation every morning when she goes out the front door.

My first ever wonky quilt square turned throw pillow: IMG_9482
Turns out my wonky isn't really all that wonky after all - I think I should've cut things a little more crooked than I did - but live and learn right? It's still fine for the patio. Here's another little patchwork creation IMG_9483
all out of some leftover Moda charm packs I had from last year and a little coordinating Sandy Gervais. And no, I don't plan to have a stack of different holiday themed pillows. These are just covers over the already existing summer pillows. Now the burning question ~ will I do it again for Christmas? Well we'll just have to wait and see.

Cup of hot apple cider anyone?

Happy Sewing!
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