Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Simply Scrappy Belt tute

Here's a little tute to make a belt out of your scrap fabrics. These are for my daughter but they could easily be made larger for adult sizes.
Take your scraps of choice and sew them together to make a piece
the length of your belt plus about 6".
I used a belt that already fits for a guide. I also used a Charm Pack (Swanky from Moda) but you don't have to start with a charm pack any small scraps will do. You can even sew them together all wonky if you want to - it would look great that way.

Next you'll want press open the seam allowances.


Trim the strip into pieces that are close to the width of your belt plus 1/2". Mine is going to be about 1.25" wide so i'm cutting my strips to 1.75" wide.

Next I cut a strip of heavyweight fusible interfacing to 1.25" and ironed it onto the center of one strip. To the other strip I ironed on some heat-n-bond. When it's cool pull the backing off the heat-n-bond.


Then I sewed the 2 strips together, right sides facing. Trim the corners off the closed end.

Next turn the belt right-side out and press, then topstitch. Careful here - when you are pressing you are going to fuse the 2 sides of the belt together with the heat-n-bond that we put in between, so you might want to finger press it first so it aligns properly before you make it permanent with the iron


Next sew on the D-rings. You'll need 2 that match the width of your belt


Insert them on the unsewn end, fold over the end and stitch

Use your imagination to make different combos. You could also use ribbons to do the same thing.
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