Monday, October 13, 2008

Four in a day

Happy Columbus Day! Or if you're Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving! Well those don't really relate to the post at all. Ok, I guess I can be thankful that I have this fun hobby to enjoy and the means to enjoy it - there how's that?

On to the sewing. Today was the marathon sewing day. Started off a little shaky (more on that later), but I managed to get four tops done today. All in the knit theme I seem to have embarked on lately. I made a couple of ANTONIA tops then switched over to two QUIARA's both patterns from Farbenmix.

The Antonia pattern is a bit challenging only because it has so many pieces to it and it's a bit tougher to figure out which print to put where than you might think. Plus there are a few details that are left out in the pattern. I decided to work up a little tute on that, and i'll post it tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are my trial Antonia's worked in a mix of US and Euro knits. I won't tell you which ones I prefer, but you can probably guess.

This first Antonia shirt was designed by my daughter - she picked out the fabrics she wanted to have in it anyway. Nice job! The blue butterfly print is from Joann's, the stripe is Stenzo and the plain coral is from the big blowout sale a few months back.
Antonia 2 is a mix of more types of knits from various sources. This time I used FOE (foldover elastic) on the neckline instead and the bell sleeve option from the pattern. Quiara 1, out of knits from our very own local store, called the Rainshed
And finally Quiara 2. This one has a little added embellishment - time to spice up the plain tees with some fun. Again my daughter contributed to this one, she wanted a girl, flower and bird on her top - and so she got it. Embroidery designs available at Huups. The rainbow striped knit is gorgeous quality stuff, from Fabric Bliss. Not sure what the origins of that fabric are but it's really fabulous with a great sheen to it.
Used the FOE again on the neckline and on the edge of the short sleeve portion.
That's four tees in one day and i'm beat, off to dreamland for me. See you tomorrow fellow fabric fans!
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