Sunday, October 12, 2008

A sewing binge

Or at least it felt like a sewing binge this weekend. In actual fact I only just completed outfits this weekend but the biggest challenge of all was the Ottobre skirt I started on Friday night. Not a huge challenge per se, but very time consuming because I added alot of embroidery to it before sewing and that always slows a project down. And in true Newtonian form, my embroidery software needed updating before I could do anything - are you guessing where this is going? You have probably been there yourself before. Yup, 3 hours later after all the glitches were worked out I had a functioning piece of software again. And how much stitching did i get done? Not so much. Oh I just love small software companies - NOT! Anyway, finally finally I could download and load designs onto my machine again. Yaay! Ok so back to the Ottobre skirt, I added these floral designs to match the Kaffe Fasset accent fabric I was using and stitched it onto the plain brown corduroy. Finished it up, added a matching belt and it's a perfect match to a sweater my Mom whipped up a couple months ago. Yay - a finished outfit. Take a bow!

Like the pumpkins? Those were planted by the kids and finally a few months later, we have a whole crop of them just in time for halloween. They are decorating our front porch for now.
I managed to get some nice model shots of my new skirt design today - the weater was so lovely and sunny today.
And finally the Olivia rose Twirl dress - I really love this vibrant blue color - amazing.
Back to the sewing machine - I have the whole day off tomorrow - I will be sewing up a storm - I hope!
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