Monday, October 20, 2008

Three cheers for helping husbands

Specifically mine. He has been super helpful and supportive of my new ventures into the sewing business. I have been sewing for a long time, since I was a kid really, and started with a hand-me-down machine (much appreciated) from my Aunt. That thing pretty much lived in a closet unless it was needed and at that point it would occupy the kitchen table as a work space. As you might imagine, we did also need the kitchen table for meals - that system didn't really work out too well. Fast forward a couple of decades and I now have a nice converted armoire with fold-out tables for my machines and lots of storage for fabric stash underneath all courtesy of my helpful and handy hubby.

Sadly unrealistic view of how it should/could look:
Open Sesame

A.K.A: The Zone ~ More realistic look of it's usual state
We recently did a MAJOR reorganization. The room I sew in is in fact an office as we don't happen to have any extra rooms in our little 3 bedroom abode to spare for just sewing related endeavours. My little armoire of sewing was overflowing, so I cleaned out the office - there were lots of cabinets full of miscellaneous office stuff - much of which just needed to be pitched. So dear hubby helped and we cleared out 2 large cabinets of shelving for my stuff. I also brought over my organizer bins - the kind with the little drawers you pull out like you might find in a workshop or tackle box? Anyway, I had had them for years but they were living in my storage area and weren't really accessible. I pulled them out - cleaned out most of the junk from them and they are now living in the top shelf of the armoire and all my notions and tools are organized and in easy reach. Now as to the question of stash ~ I took the entire PILE of fabrics on the cutting table, and moved them into the newly emptied cabinets - so now everything is put away again. SOOOO Much nicer.
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