Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Visions of sugar plums....

...danced in their heads. It's christmas time - ok no, no it's not. But it IS time to start thinking about it if you are in the market for a christmas dress, portrait outfit etc etc. It's October, only 77 days until Christmas and you know the jolly old elf will be here soon enough - probably sooner than you'ld like if you're like me and always behind on the gift buying. Hmm maybe I should start making a list now. Meanwhile, check out the new Christmas goodies from the Girlfriends Manor Christmas launch underway tonight - that's Oct 7th. Here is the Trillium design contribution

This one will also be available in the etsy shoppe - in another day or so, so click on over there or follow the ebay link in the sidebar.

Meanwhile this wraps up my TGFM customs for awhile, so I can concentrate on my daughters shrinking wardrobe (ha ha ha) and maybe even some fun new purses for momma. Don't forget - there is another giveaway going on at the TGFM blog, so head on over there too.
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